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The Laws of Secret Book

In this book, The Laws of Secret, you will:

  • Learn the mystical secret which penetrates this world and the afterlife.
  • Discover the extensive roadmap and spirits that reside in the Rear Heaven, and their characteristics.
  • Discover the secret behind virus infection such as COVID-19 and spiritual possession, and how to remove them.
  • Learn the secret of exorcism: the mindset to overcome spiritual disturbances and how to proactively avoid them and remain unaffected.
  • Learn how to create a Spiritual Screen and accumulate Dharma power.
  • Discover the secret of the mystical power of God and the miraculous power of faith which is necessary to overcome the crisis of humanity to bring a prosperous future.

The Laws of Secret: Awaken to this New World and Change Your Life reveals the extensive roadmap of the spirit world or afterlife which we coexist with in our daily life. It also provides the mechanism and logic behind the negative spiritual influences including Novel Coronavirus infection and how to overcome them. Learn how to avoid the unwanted invisible influences and manage your life to be more delightful and purposeful, and, with ‘the new perspective’ offered in this book, make your life shine and beautify the world.

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