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Saturday Films (June – July) 2-4PM

Saturday Films (June - July) 2-4PM The Laws of Universe Part 0 and Part 1 The Last White Witch

Tarot Koan Zen Meditation

Tarot Koan Zen Meditation. A kōan (公案) is a story, question, or statement which is used in Zen practice to provoke some hints for solving your problems. Enjoy the Tranquil Moment here in the Centre of London. All Koans were created by Master Ryuho Okawa, the most famous religious leader in Japan

Happy Science Séance Evening

Happy Science Séance Evening. Spiritual Messages from Princess Diana, James Allen, and Margaret Thatcher

Lecture: Be Confident of Your Life

Lecture: Be Confident of Your Life. We will show you the most recent lecture of Master Ryuho Okawa, the Founder of Happy Science.

The Final Judgement Movie – coming soon!

The latest Happy Science film “The Final Judgement” has been recently completed and soon will be screened around the world! The storyline The year 2009, the balance of power in the world is about to change with the expansion of the military power of the Asian country, Ouran. Shogo Washio, the son of the Left-wing […]

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  • "Happy Science from my point of view is 'The Science of Happiness' it just makes sense, and gives reason to life. If you take a moment to listen to the teachings, you will understand. I can honestly say that since I did, I am Happy!"

    Christine, Canterbury

  • "The Teachings are great. I see my life from a completely different perspective now and it helps me to cope with many challenges that come up."

    Rasa, London

  • "The teachings of Happy Science are practical, valuable, current - in that they're relevant to today's lifestyle and the issues we face - and enlightening. I can honestly say they make me happy in the True sense."

    Rachna, London

  • "I feel that this is the place I was looking for. Every time I come to Happy Science London temple, I feel so relaxing, refresh my mind and get lots of energy. I wish everyone could experience this."

    Erdenechimeg, London

  • "Happy Science has changed my life. I have never thought about the power of the mind previously or how are thoughts can impact our life.  I look forward to increasing my knowledge further."

    Debbie, Canterbury