Ryuho Okawa

Master Ryuho Okawa

Master Ryuho Okawa, president and founder of Happy Science, has devoted his life to the exploration of the spirit world and ways to human happiness.

He was born on July 7th 1956 in Tokushima, Japan. After graduating from the Tokyo University, he joined a major Tokyo-based trading house and while working at its New York headquarters, he studied finance at the Graduate Centre of the City University of New York.

On March 23rd 1981, he achieved Great Enlightenment, and awakened to the hidden part of his consciousness, El Cantare – who is the highest spiritual being of the earth with a mission to bring happiness to all humanity. He spent another six years exploring this Truth and studying the spirit world before he was ready to announce this publicly.

In October 1986 he renounced his business career and established Happy Science to convey the Truth. Since then, he has been giving lectures all around the world and designing spiritual workshops for people from all walks of life. He has published over 500 books, including ‘The Laws of the Sun’, ‘The Golden Laws’, ‘The Laws of Eternity’, ‘The Laws of Happiness’, and ‘The Essence of Buddha’. His books sold millions of copies worldwide. He has also produced successful feature-length films based on his works.

In May 2009 he established a new political party in Japan – Happiness Realization party – to manifest his salvation mission in a tangible way.

“I am now trying to teach a global teaching that goes beyond existing World religions to open up the way to an age where the world can live under freedom, peace, tolerance and the act of love. I am determined to end all religious conflicts and wars. If you read my teachings about reincarnation carefully, you will surely see that you have been born at times in Europe, America, China, Korea and Japan. That being the case, borders of nations must not give you a reason to harbour hatred.

I have just one wish. It is to create many people in every country who can say, ‘I am happy’.”

Master Ryuho Okawa

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