The latest Happy Science film “The Final Judgement” has been recently completed and soon will be screened around the world!

The storyline

The year 2009, the balance of power in the world is about to change with the expansion of the military power of the Asian country, Ouran. Shogo Washio, the son of the Left-wing parliamentarian regime, sees it as a threat. He establishes a political party ‘Revolution for the Future’ with his friends and runs for the elections. However, it results in a crushing defeat. Four years later, Shogo’s fear turns into reality; Japan endures political pressure from the occupation army……..Can Japan ever be free again?

Watch the trailer and visit the official film website!

Check our upcoming events for the movie screening across UK.

Upcoming Events

Happy Science Events in October 2019

Happy Science Events in October 2019. Messages from Resurrection of Francis of Assisi (4 Oct), Messages from Princess Diana's Spirit (11 Oct), Messages from Oscar Wilde (18 Oct), Truth about Origin of Cancer; How a New Approach is Bringing Cures and Relief (27 Oct)

Margaret Thatcher’s Message from Spirit World!!

  * A film of a séance held in Japan in 2013, the day after Mrs Thatcher’s death will be shown. * For participating in these events (incl. Reporting on and Mediaworks) please contact us at  

Video Lecture: Be Confident of Your Life

Video Lecture: Be Confident of Your Life Topics: How to build your confidence How to overcome Inferiority Complex Dates: Saturday 10 August 2-4pm Saturday 17 August 2-4pm

Happy Science Weekly Events

Happy Science Weekly Events Spiritual Messages from the great figures Tarot Koan Zen Meditation Meditation for Solving your Life Problems

Saturday Films (June – July) 2-4PM

Saturday Films (June - July) 2-4PM The Laws of Universe Part 0 and Part 1 The Last White Witch

Tarot Koan Zen Meditation

Tarot Koan Zen Meditation. A kōan (公案) is a story, question, or statement which is used in Zen practice to provoke some hints for solving your problems. Enjoy the Tranquil Moment here in the Centre of London. All Koans were created by Master Ryuho Okawa, the most famous religious leader in Japan

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